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Some stuff about cyclebuddie

Im Jane and Ive been cycling for just 5 years. I had been attending spinning classes for a while when I decided, to dust of an old bike and head out on my first shaky ride. ¬†6 miles felt like a reasonable ride! each time I went out I wanted to go further. and explore more roads. I didn’t even know what the gears where for. luckily for me the guys in my Local Bike shop (Rick Greens) where a great help. and still are.

I now ride with a local club and spend as many as 6 days a week out on my bike

when i thought about helping others to get out on their bikes. I went to get some cycling qualifications .

my qualifications include, cycle leader level one. First Aid , National Standards Cycle Instructor,  Balanceability Instructor and basic Bike Maintenance

and last year cyclebuddie got of the ground. over the year the numbers have grown with  a great group of people of different abilities and different goals


Cycle Buddie Instructor
Cycle Buddie Instructor

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